Can Pinterest really drive epic traffic to your parenting blog? I spoke to some UK parenting bloggers to find out and discover the secrets to success.

Can Pinterest Drive Epic Traffic to Your Parenting Blog?

Do you want to get more traffic to your parenting blog?

You’ve spent hours writing brilliant content and now you want people to read it. (And they totally should- you rock!).

Maybe you’ve read some income reports from 6 figure bloggers. Ones that talk about how they get eleventy gazillion page views from Pinterest every day.

But does traffic really grow on the magic Pinterest tree?

I decided to find out.

I asked some UK parenting bloggers for their thoughts on Pinterest. You might be surprised by what I discovered.

Can Pinterest really drive epic traffic to your parenting blog? I spoke to some UK parenting bloggers to find out and discover the secrets to success.
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Can Pinterest Drive Epic Traffic to Your Parenting Blog?

Yes. And no.

It seems Pinterest is a bit of a mixed bag for parenting bloggers. People have heard it can send great traffic to blogs but lots of bloggers don’t use it to its full potential.

I use it a lot for house inspiration and recipes, but not as much as I should for my blog! I do make ‘pinable’ images for the posts I think will work well but definitely don’t use it enough! Becky | Pinks Charming

I love Pinterest, I can lose hours to it and some of my pins do quite well on there blog wise. I do forget to make pinnable nice images though and I’m always happy to have more tips about making the most of it. Stevie | A Cornish Mum

Some of the parenting bloggers I spoke to had found that however hard they tried they simply didn’t get the traffic they had hoped for from Pinterest.

I have tried quite hard but get very little traffic from it. I’ll keep plugging away, but not sure for how long. Pete | Household Money Saving

Ohhh flipping Pinterest. Thought I’d have a tidy up the other day. Work on my boards. Add new pins…. deleted a few crap ones…. and 300 followers in the process. So now I hate it even more than I originally did!!!! Natalie | Hello Cuppies

I’ve been using Pinterest for fun since it’s earliest days, I started blogging some time later. Over the years the way it works has changed and all my years of experience don’t help me one tiny bit. I don’t get a lot of traffic to the blog from it. However I still get a lot of joy from pinning. I use it to plan all projects, parties and holidays. Janet | Falcondale Life

But wait!

Nearly half of the parenting bloggers I asked said that they were seeing great traffic from Pinterest. What are they doing differently?

Pinterest Success Stories

There are certainly plenty of Pinterest success stories. In fact, many said it was their best performing social media platform and their main source of traffic.

I love Pinterest and use it daily as inspiration as well as a promotional tool for my blog…. Over 50% of my traffic comes from Pinterest Angela | The Life of Spicers

However, as awesome as that sounds, it takes work. You need to learn how to use Pinterest in order to see results. Knowing your audience, using the right keywords in your profile, creating pinnable images, pinning strategically and using group boards are all key to success.

I have spent the past year mastering all I can about Pinterest, it’s now my top performing social media platform in terms of traffic. Angela | The Inspiration Edit

But when the hard work pays off and it drives traffic to your parenting blog, it’s all worth it.

You can usually see a noticeable return on your time investment pretty quickly, which is always motivating! Nicola | Nicola Says

So what are the secrets to success?

Some lovely bloggers shared some tips for getting Pinterest to drive traffic to your parenting blog.

I normally type a few phrases into Pinterest before I write my post title to see what phrases people are typing to find posts – it’s a search engine not social  media. Kate | Crafts on Sea

That’s a great way for discovering what keywords people are using on Pinterest. Your Pinterest business account and all your pins should be optimised with keywords in order to drive traffic to your parenting blog. (Oh, you’ve not set up a business account? No worries, check out my post that walks you through setting up a Pinterest business account.)

I think if you have the right pins it works well. Crafts and travel posts always do well for me. But the main thing you need is a eye catching pinnable image. Jenny | Monkey and Mouse

Because Pinterest is basically a visual search engine, having the perfect pin (or two, or three) for each blog post is essential. If you don’t have your own photos to use, another option is to use free vector images to create stunning pins.

When it comes to Pinterest driving traffic to your parenting blog, I think Jenny really hits the nail on the head.

It’s all about keywords, good images and group boards/ tribes. Jenny | Midwife and Life 

Does it depend on your niche?

Several people mentioned that Pinterest works best for certain niches. Bloggers that post about baking, crafts and days out have found Pinterest to be a great source of traffic. They’ve found that these posts tend to do much better on Pinterest than general parenting posts.

It works really well for certain pins, others just die. My slimming world and one baby shower game are constantly being re-pinned and bring me quite a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Leanne | A Slice of my Life Wales

But not everyone agrees. Kate acknowledges that, as a crafts blogger, Pinterest is her main source of traffic, but has had parenting posts do well too.

Two of my posts that have done the best on Pinterest (one of which is 3 years old and still in my top 10 every day) are parenting Kate | Crafts on Sea

The key to Pinterest sending traffic to your parenting blog is not so much the niche itself- it’s whether your target audience is using Pinterest to find the type of content you write.

Success on Pinterest depends on two things: your target audience being active on Pinterest and searching for the type of posts you’re writing.

Posts that do well on Pinterest are evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that is still going to be relevant 6 months, a year, or even 5 years down the line. This is why recipes, crafts and days out tend to do well. However, if your posts are updates about what your family did, people aren’t going to be searching Pinterest for that- Instagram and Facebook are your friends!

I don’t think anyone has EVER pinned one of my ‘pinnable’ images so I came to the conclusion that my content just isn’t suited to Pinterest… I love it for browsing but life’s too short. Facebook and Instagram work better for me! Laura | Edinburgh Life — with kids

Pinterest linky

Something else that bloggers have mentioned that can help drive traffic to their parenting blog from Pinterest is a new Pinterest linky with an associated Facebook group. #Bloggerpinparty is a linky that runs every other Thursday and is co-hosted by Thimble and Twig and The Ladybird’s Aventures. It is for linking up any post you would like to be pinned on Pinterest.


So, how can you use Pinterest to drive epic traffic to your parenting blog?

If you’ve decided that you want to make the effort to learn Pinterest strategy, the bloggers I’ve talked to can confirm it is worth the effort. Success for parenting bloggers on Pinterest depends on having the right content for Pinterest and making sure your pins are optimised. (And having a strong posting strategy including using group boards- but that’s a post for another day!).

Posts that do well on Pinterest are evergreen posts with beautiful pinnable images. Your pins and your business profile need to be optimised with keywords that your audience are searching for.

If you’d like to learn more and start dominating Pinterest, these are some good first steps to take:

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Can Pinterest really drive epic traffic to your parenting blog? I spoke to some UK parenting bloggers to find out and discover the secrets to success.
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Do you use Pinterest for promoting your parenting blog? Is there anything you’re struggling with or would like to know more about? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email at


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